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  • How do you determine your course prices?

    Edcomm courses are priced based on a variety of factors including: Number of users. Number or courses licensed. Delivery method: i.e., e-Learning, instructor-led training (ILT), blended, online and print-based documentation, workshops, seminars, etc. Customization requirements. While we do not offer a standardized pricing sheet, we will find the best solution to meet your needs – within a price range that fits your budget.

  • Do you provide a Learning Management System (LMS) with your courses?

    Absolutely! Edcomm understands that for a financial services company, tracking, and reporting is not an option – it's a necessity. That's why we offer our own LMS when you purchase any e-Learning course. Users are met with: A robust, reliable learning platform. Stunning aesthetics and attractive pre-designed themes. Customizable learner log-in screen and dashboard. User-friendly navigation. Scalability: customizable roles and levels of access. Content authoring tool. Configurable, automated email notifications and reminders. SCORM and AICC compliant. Classroom management training.

  • What is a "ready-to-deploy" program?

    A ready-to-deploy, or off-the-shelf (OTS), program is designed for the general financial services industry audience or a specific job role, but has not been customized with client-specific information.

  • Can your courses be customized to address the exact needs of our organization?

    Definitely! We work closely with our clients to understand their business goals and customize our deliverables to meet and exceed those goals. To meet and exceed client expectations, we have enhanced our in-house technologies. Our depth ranges from the most simplistic user-friendly interface allowing you to rapidly generate and distribute your own content, to the most dynamic interface allowing you to build engaging rich media, application simulations, and more. Our courses are designed and maintained to provide the optimal building blocks for your targeted training needs. Edcomm courses can be combined with your specific content to create just the right curriculum for your organization.  

  • How are courses developed?

    In order to have the most complete, standardized, current, audited, relevant, and up-to-date content in the market, Edcomm has established an in-house team of banking system specialists, business intelligence specialists, business process specialists, certified technical trainers, compliance experts, content management system (CMS) specialists, database programmers, e-Learning authors, graphics design specialists, instructional design experts, LMS developers, localization specialists, rapid e-Learning specialists, SharePoint specialists, subject matter experts (SMEs), and visual studio developers.   Courses are developed internally by our experienced staff on an ongoing basis. If content that does not exist in our comprehensive library is identified by our sales team or Banking Sector Subject Matter Expert (SME), the course then goes through an industry-leading instructional design process established by Edcomm's Chief Learning Officer and is then developed. All courses transition through a quality assurance and evaluation phase before the end solution is delivered to the client.  

  • How are courses delivered?

    Courses can be delivered in a variety of ways. Our most popular methods are e-Learning, instructor-led training (ILT), and blended. Our e-Learning is a self-paced, computer-based format that allows users to take our training online. ILT is offered onsite at your organization or at an outside training facility. Blended is a combination of ILT and e-Learning materials.

  • How often are courses updated?

    Date-sensitive and legal content, such as regulatory updates and newly enacted laws, are monitored, reviewed, and revised by our developers on a regular basis. Content is updated and revamped often to enhance participants' learning and comprehension of the key learning points covered in our training programs. All content is managed by a full-time staff who can quickly and easily update all programs to reflect any pertinent changes.

  • Can your courses be translated?

    Absolutely! Our content can be translated into any language. We have delivered our courses in Arabic, Chinese, Flemish, French, French Canadian, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese, in a number of different regional dialects.

  • Can your courses be regionalized?

    As a global organization, we are sensitive to the unique training needs of our international clients and are fully equipped to offer applicable and relevant programs, suitable materials, and adaptive instructors to any given country or region. With our global expertise and experience, we have provided training to institutions in over 75 countries, provided products in over 30 languages, and have Edcomm Certified Instructors across the globe.  

  • Do you offer internationally recognized certification?

      Edcomm has partnered with reputable higher learning and continuing education institutions to provide university level credits for various courses within our curriculum. Edcommalso offers internationally recognized certifications for all of our courses. Students who successfully complete a course will be tested, and upon obtaining a passing grade on the Curriculum Certification Test, will be awarded an EdcommCertificate of Completion attesting to their mastery of the skills taught in the course.    

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