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Recruiting Services

The Edcomm Group’s Recruiting Division provides placement services to the Banking and Financial Community throughout the United States and on a Global level. Our team specializes in the recruitment of Compliance, Regulatory, Audit, Legal, Finance and Retail Banking Executives. We pride ourselves in understanding the industry, the current job marketplace in each region, and our client’s particular needs.

“The Greatest Resource of any Organization is the Potential of its People.”

At The Edcomm Group, our greatest asset is our people. With extensive backgrounds in Compliance and other roles within the Banking and Financial industries, our staff has the expertise and experience necessary to identify and attract the most-sought after candidates in the industry.

Our team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality candidates and exceeding the goals of our clients. Our experts are our distinct resource and we work tirelessly to match exceptional candidates to the critical needs of our clients. We have a passionate commitment to helping organizations create winning teams that drive financial success and impact their bottom line.

From small Community Banks to large Investment Banks and Fortune 500 companies, we seek to partner with financial companies of all sizes and only produce talented professionals for our clients that we would be proud to hire internally. We treat every search as a very time-sensitive matter and maintain a strictly confidential working relationship with all parties throughout.

With over 25 years of financial industry and recruiting experience, we have developed many unique and sophisticated techniques to recruit, thoroughly screen and successfully place outstanding Compliance Experts and Finance Professionals, making the hiring process a more efficient and seamless one for our clients. Through the tremendous efforts of our people, our valuable staffing solutions will provide unmatched results for both our candidates and our clients.

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