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The Edcomm Group remains at the forefront of innovative Instructional Design (ID) – both in theory and in practice. Our expert staff continuously refines and updates our methods to remain in-line with rapidly developing instructional design theories and practices to ensure that learners receive training that is comprehensive and memorable.

Our Instructional Designers engage in best practices at each step of the ID process. Careful planning involves members from every level of Edcomm to ensure that content and delivery match our learners’ needs. Appropriate ID models, including the industry-standard ADDIE model, AGILE training development, and rapid prototyping, are considered and utilized throughout the development, creation, and evaluation of our training content. Through our unique flexibility in each phase of the development process, we are able to customize every aspect of a training program to best meet your needs.

Our training content is at the heart of what we do and to ensure that it exceeds industry standards, our writers and designers are in constant dialogue with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from across all of the industries that we service. This dedication to accuracy and compliance makes our training some of the most trustworthy and thorough that you will find.

Our existing eLearning and training content has been given careful consideration to incorporate the different aspects of how people learn –

  • Short bursts of meaningful information that build on each other logically and increase in complexity to promote a more full understanding
  • Review points and graded quizzes with feedback reinforce content retention and learning objectives
  • Activities and games encourage dynamic and interactive learning
  • Recent case studies demonstrate real-life applications of eLearning content and scenarios
  • Expertly rendered System Simulations provide learners with a comfortable and engaging environment in which they can learn and practice using their company’s vital systems and business workflows
  • Webinars, surveys, PDFs, and many other useful resources supplement and enhance our primary training material