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The challenge of selling

Sales training is a challenge for even the hardiest of Human Resources and training managers in the high-speed, global environment in which many organizations and companies find themselves. Companies are constantly launching new and different products and services, and new employees are always coming on board to help in these initiatives. Firms are always on the lookout for newer, better, faster methods to market their products and services.

Benefits of e-Learning

There are many challenges to training efficient and effective sales people: the on-the-go nature of many sales positions, the competitiveness among salespeople, and the demanding nature and necessary expertise are but a few of the aspects of sales that make it difficult to conduct on-the-job training.

To work with and around these and other challenges, the best solution an organization has for its sales training is e-Learning.

e-Learning offers companies and its sales employees the flexibility to access training at their own pace and time. e-Learning also gives learners the ability to access necessary information and resources at their convenience, in real time, which is especially useful when salespeople present to their various audiences.

Additionally, Edcomm’s micro-learning-objects (small, engaging and informative learning assets) can be integrated within a corporate intranet to help make the knowledgebase come alive. Our topics also work well alongside CRM systems like Salesforce® or ACT!®

Sales Skills

Here at Edcomm we emphasize training for salespeople in:

  • Helping clients to decide what they want and need
  • Developing necessary steps to delivery what clients want and need
  • The ABC’s (Attentive, Business-Focused, Clear Channels of Communication) for encouraging repeat business
  • How to identify an “upsell” opportunity
  • Leading questions in conducting needs analysis
  • …And many more powerful selling techniques!