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What is e-Learning?

To put it simply, e-Learning is electronic learning, most often delivered entirely through a computer. e-Learning courses or programs can be utilized by anyone and for a variety of reasons, including for educational purposes at a school or on-the-job training for a company or small business. With our increasing reliance on technology and the acceptance of devices like smartphones and tablets in the classroom or workplace, e-learning has been gaining traction as a reliable and powerful medium for delivering educational content.

e-Learning content is most often delivered as courses that are about a specific subject and can easily be grouped to form larger curricula. Customers have two options when it comes to selecting e-Learning courses:

  1. Off-the-shelf courses- Off-the-shelf, or OTS, courses are e-learning courses that have already been created by a company and can be purchased as-is and then delivered to learners. Edcomm offers a full catalog of OTS e-learning solutions from which you can choose.
  2. Custom courses- If you are looking to have more input in your e-Learning course’s content or look and feel, you can choose to have a course created from scratch by an e-Learning company. This option allows you the freedom and flexibility to make sure that you will get the exact e-Learning solution that fits your goals. Edcomm maintains a staff of expert Instructional Designers who will help you create the perfect e-learning course for any situation.

What are the Benefits?

  • E-Learning is a cost-effective and time-saving way to provide educational content to students or deliver timely, on-the-job training to employees.
  • Learn anywhere, any time. Traditional training and education rely on brick and mortar buildings where learning must take place and facilitators to organize, lead, and provide feedback regarding each and every interaction. e-Learning is dependent only on a device to deliver the learning content, an internet connection, and, of course, the learners themselves. E-Learning can save employers valuable time and resources by removing traditional training constraints and allowing employees to train when it works best for them.
  • Incorporate multimedia and real-life scenarios. The flexibility of e-Learning solutions makes them a great replacement or supplement to traditional training or education. Interactive simulations that perfectly re-create a company’s internal systems or videos that transport students to exotic locations can effortlessly and seamlessly be integrated into an e-Learning solution. This variability and level of interaction makes e-Learning a powerful tool for increasing learner engagement and ensuring retention.
  • Easily assess and track progress. e-Learning allows for learner progress to automatically be tracked and recorded in one easy-to-access location. From here, reports can be created, saved, and printed regarding scores, completion percentage, course enrollment, and a variety of other criteria. 

Why Edcomm?

Ensuring that your employees have the necessary skills, tools, and knowledge to perform their job through effective training and development is critical to the growth of your business. Maximizing intellectual capital and human resources with Edcomm’s e-learning solutions can help you achieve your bottom-line goals.

Serving over 115,000 unique e-learning students per month, Edcomm’s e-Learning solutions give your employees the training they need to stay ahead of the curve. We offer comprehensive, effective, and empowering training experiences. Leading experts have guided the development of Edcomm’s e-Learning solutions for the purpose of identifying meaningful knowledge, skills, and abilities that can be acquired and developed through intuitive and interactive training, applied online skills, and on-site education and training.

Edcomm’s e-Learning solutions offer the following:

  • Server capacity anywhere in the world
  • Multilingual materials
  • Flash/HTML5 capabilities
  • Load balancing for optimal performance
  • SSAE-16 compliance to provide auditing standards reporting and third-party assurance
  • Ongoing penetration testing
  • Industry-leading LMS
  • Easy tracking and reporting


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