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We at Edcomm understand that your organization is unique, with specific needs and goals that may not necessarily be met by any standard, off-the-shelf training programs. Don’t worry, we love creating custom training solutions for our clients to ensure that they receive exactly what they need to get the most out of their employees and meet all of their goals.

Consult with Expert Designers

To meet and exceed client expectations, we have expert instructional designers in-house who will consult with you to plan, design, and develop the training program that will best fit your needs. Our team will design each aspect of your custom training program to your exact specifications, while ensuring that it adheres to the most appropriate e-Learning and adult learning theories and methodologies. Any vital documents, videos, and other resources that you provide or have created can be easily integrated into your custom training solution so that your employees have everything they need in one convenient training location. Additionally, your custom training programs can be fully designed to reflect your organization’s important branding and identity, truly making any training your own.

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