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Communication for Leadership

T1. How We Communicate: This topic will teach the learner about the basics of communication, including a discussion of the sender and the receiver, so that the learner will use communication effectively.

T2. Presenting Organized Information: This topic emphasizes the importance of presenting complex information effectively and aspects of language and written information that ensures a clear message is conveyed.

T3. Leaders Ask Questions: This topic will provide the learner with detailed reasons for why asking questions is important and will familiarize him/her with the different types of questions that one can ask, in addition to strategies for asking these questions.

T4. Listening: This topic will explain the importance of listening skills, and will detail the components of the LISTEN model for active listening skills, including leaning forward and identifying key points.

T5. Providing Feedback: This topic discusses the importance of providing feedback as well as how to provide constructive feedback.

T6. Rumors: This topic will educate the learner on how rumors start, how they spread, and how best to address the rumor mill by establishing a prevention strategy, keeping employees informed, accepting and providing feedback, and paying attention in order to take action quickly.

T7. Meetings: This topic will outline the importance of meetings in conveying business goals and concerns, and will discuss the six steps to ensure that meetings are successful and efficient.

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