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Succession Planning

T1. Succession Planning: This topic will provide the learner with an overview of the succession planning process

T2. The Components of a Succession Plan: This topic will provide the learner with important information regarding the attributes that bolster effective succession plans.

T3. Classifying Resources and Examining Risks: This topic will provide the learner with information regarding the volatility of the current marketplace and how the succession planning process is influenced by it.

T4. Engagement: This topic defines the term ôengagementö and explains how it is relevant to your organization, and how it factors into the succession planning process.

T5. Predicting Needs: This topic will explain the impact of succession plans on long-term sustainability and the organizationÆs growth in a competitive-business environment.

T6. Coaching and Sucession Planning: This topic will provide the learner with information regarding the importance of coaching and how it can be used to supplement a succession plan.

T7. Assembling the Plan: This topic will explain how the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) approach can be utilized to identify an organizationÆs strengths rather than finding ways to correct any weaknesses.

T8. Enacting a Plan: This topic will detail how important it is to adeptly convey the importance of the succession plan to upper-level management.

T9. Assessing and Revising: This topic will explain how objectively assessing the succession plan can be an excellent method for determining its overall effectiveness.

T10. Helpful Reminders: This topic will inform the learner of additional resources that can be used for continuing education for the purpose of expanding the learnerÆs current knowledge of succession plans and the succession planning process.

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