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Challenges of Social Networking

T1. New Procedures and Training Needs: This topic will familiarize the learner with the need for the organization to address any employee concerns regarding the implementation of a social networking plan and the requirements for an effective and proper social networking training program.

T2. Maintaining Relationships: This topic will help the learner to understand the importance of maintaining the organizationÆs social networking sites with relevant and interesting information to keep customers engaged with the organization over a long period of time.

T3. Monitoring Activity: This topic will familiarize the learner with the need for the organization to monitor, to some extent, its employeesÆ online activity in regard to the use of social networking sites. The topic will provide learners with useful information regarding both the positive and negative aspects of employee monitoring.

T4. Responding to Negative Messages: This topic will prepare the learner to effectively and appropriately respond to the various types of negative feedback that the organization may receive on its social networking sites. Learner preparedness will help to ensure that the organization maintains a positive reputation with customers.

T5. Developing a Social Networking Marketing Plan: This course describes how to develop a social networking marketing plan as well as the importance of comprising a strong plan.

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