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Project Management: Project Definition and Customer Focus

Category: Project Management

T1. Project Vision and Scope: This topic will describe how to create a clear definition and scope for a project, and will discuss using documentation and the SMART acronym.

T2. Business Requirements: This topic will provide an overview of a projectÆs budget, plan, scope, and schedule, and their importance in the project process.

T3. Features and Delivery: This topic will discuss the inverse relationship between project or product features and project schedule, or delivery, and will detail scope creep, feature freeze, and the effect of delays.

T4. Planning For Change: This topic will inform the learner on how to plan for change by exploring the inevitably of change and its causes.

T5. Integrating Change Responses: This topic will familiarize the learner with integrating responses to change into the project plan by defining project control processes and the tools used to control aspects of the project process.

T6. Understanding Customers: This topic will discuss the importance of stakeholders and customers in the project process, with details about communication and customer focus.

T7. Customer Focus: This topic will explain the necessity of identifying and maintaining open lines of communication with stakeholders so that customer focus can be maintained.

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