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Basics of Financial Planning

T1. Building Blocks of Financial Planning: This topic will provide an explanation on financial planning, and will discuss the reasons, basics, and key building blocks.

T2. Budgeting: This topic will describe budgets, and will detail the process for preparing a typical budget and the importance of budgeting.

T3. Expenses: This topic will define expenses, and will discuss the categories and authenticity of expenses, including information on irregular incomes and the benefits of expense reporting.

T4. Retirement: This topic will familiarize the learner with the significance of investment-based retirement planning and the different types of Individual Retirement Accounts available to customers.

T5. Insurance: This topic will describe insurance, and discuss reasons for purchasing insurance as well as typical insurance services.

T6. Investments: This topic will evaluate investments and clarify the importance of investments as well as the different types available to customers.

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