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Founded by recognized Consulting industry professionals, Edcomm has expanded from a simple consulting business to a global enterprise, boasting over 2,500 clients that utilize the Edcomm brand of training and assessment for all of their business needs and initiatives.

In the early 1980s, Arthur Andersen & Co. started its training consulting services line of business to meet growing needs in the corporate training industry. In late 1986, the company decided that its focus would be on its core capabilities, shelving non-core lines of business that included its training consulting practice.

Then, in early 1987, two of its lead consultants acquired the training consulting services practice from Arthur Andersen & Co., and established the Edcomm Group.

The early years of Edcomm were characterized by establishing its foundations for growth and development: building methodologies, establishing processes, creating tools, and growing expertise. At the same time, Edcomm began to create essential training products that could be marketed as off-the-shelf (OTS) or semi-customized programs to clients and prospective clients alike. Because of its mass, its aggressive growth, and its heavily regulated environment, the banking and financial industry was chosen as Edcomm’s primary marketing focus.

As early as 1987, Edcomm developed the award-winning Teller and Platform Training Program, “Genesis: It’s Not Just About Transactions Anymore” for Chemical Bank, the predecessor to JP Morgan Chase. The resulting culture change, from “Transaction” to “Sales and Service” in the branch marked the start of Chemical Bank’s new era of Branch Operations, and business benefits were documented and presented at their acclaimed Service Quality conference. That program and its descendants have so far been sold to over 1,000 clients.

 Over time, a full suite of programs were created for the banking industry, as Edcomm managed its growth at about 20% per year with a significant percentage of profit reinvested into research and development. When Edcomm moved to the rapidly growing internet-based training method of delivery, Banker’s Academy, the brand for marketing to the banking and financial industry, was launched.

Today, Edcomm has worked with over 2,500 clients in the banking and financial services area. Edcomm’s Banker’s Academy curriculum has over 3,000 educational modules (Topics) in Compliance, Teller, Ethics, Lending, Platform Sales & Service, Commercial, Investment, Treasury, Islamic Banking, AML, Basel II, Security, Fraud Prevention, Call Center, Leadership, Communication, Systems Training, Project Management, and Problem Solving.

Edcomm offers all types of training in a variety of delivery methods, including eLearning, classroom-based, and blended. We also offer stand-up training services and Train-the-Trainer for Classroom and Blended programs, as well as Learning Link™ and the EdcommLMS™, two full-featured Learning Management Systems (LMS) for any organization’s training needs.

Over the past 15 years, Edcomm has expanded from the national market to the global market and offers programs in 45+ countries in 10+ different languages.


Edcomm’s mission has remained the same for its 29+ years: to provide creative and innovative education and communication consulting solutions to the banking and financial services industries. During this time Edcomm has built an efficient methodology and tool-set, a vast curriculum, a loyal clientele, and a stellar global reputation. 

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