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I have recently completed the Banker’s Academy online teller training program. I thought that the course was terrific. It gave me both a clear understanding of the skill sets required to be a successful teller as well as a clear understanding of how a retail bank operates.

I particularly liked the real life simulations as well as the interactive features of the program.

The Banker’s Academy course has prepared me for all aspects of successfully performing the duties of the teller position, including cash handling, processing teller transactions and a comprehensive knowledge of banking products. In fact, I recently passed the Citibank online Teller/Customer Service aptitude test.

I have prior experience within the banking industry and the teller program leaves me fully qualified, confident and prepared to reenter the banking industry on the retail end as a teller.

I wholeheartedly recommend the course to anyone looking to get started in retail banking. I would definitely take more courses from Banker’s Academy.

Henry Eber

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