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I am an older career changer who has a desire to move in to the financial services or lending industry. I first contacted your company on recommendation from another person in a similar situation earlier this year.

I want to tell you both that I feel like you have an outstanding company. Everything has gone well and without incident since our first contact with each other.

Secondly, and most profoundly, I want to tell you that you have an outstanding staff. Specifically, the two ladies I have worked with; these are two outstanding, fresh, wonderful people to work with. They have been extremely helpful, encouraging and professional in every sense of the word. At the same time, they have represented your company with loyalty and precision. They have reached out to me and have in my opinion, gone the extra mile for me as a client. I am never embarrassed to contact them and always receive top notch customer service when I need something. Because of their great attitude and helpfulness, I have and will continue to recommend the Banker’s Academy to others.

Bryon Butler
Texas A&M University

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