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Please be advised that here at Apple Bank for Savings we have been very pleased with the level of service from Banker's Academy. My organization and students find the courses to be very user friendly.

The reading material is very pertinent and not filled with useless information. We have had no problems with Learning Link. The layout and design of the material in the various courses are great.

I have been personally impressed with your level of service. Whenever myself or colleague, Mauren Douglas, needed assistance, you have always been there for us. We are thankful for all your assistance especially regarding various reports.

I was also impressed with how often the courses are updated when policies, procedures and regulations change. For example, when the FDIC changed some of their regulations, I at once took a look to see if the course was updated and it was.

Once again, thank you for your high level of service and you can continue to use me as a reference. It is always a pleasure to talk to other organizations about Banker’s Academy.

Brent Gittens
Apple Bank for Savings


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