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In today’s dynamic regulatory environment it is imperative that compliance officers know that we can rely on the fact that our compliance training is being taken care of now and as changes take place.

With Banker’s Academy all I had to do was select from the vast catalogue of available courses and create a program that fit the Bank’s needs. Not only do they have the compliance courses available but they also offer a variety of great courses to improve and enhance customer service, sales production and the Bank’s production as a whole. I was able to tailor programs that fit each job description which made training more personal and effective. Plus it takes what could be less than engaging information and presents it in a format that keeps the students' interest and gives them a good solid base in the compliance training arena.

Our Client Services Manager has been an integral part of our success with the product. His responsiveness, knowledge of the product and ability to help immediately when any issues arise has made what could have been a cumbersome and laborious process virtually effortless. His ongoing friendly support and his proactive communication when new modules or changes to existing modules are offered gives me the confidence that as a Compliance Officer my training needs are being handled.

The regulators love it, we love it.I recommend this system to anyone that doesn’t want to spend an enormous amount of time/money and yet have a strong, effective and up to date compliance training program.

Sally K. Myers
Executive Vice President
Director of Operations and IT

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