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Banker's Academy provides us with the training modules we need to address all aspects of training for our credit union staff, from new employee training to reviews for those employees who have been with the organization for years.

Banker's Academy allows us to personalize training modules to present the visions and values of Penn East Federal Credit Union.

As we grow, we become busier and it becomes increasingly difficult but no less important to train and keep employees abreast of changing rules and regulations to protect the credit union, as examiners become more diligent in this financially troubled economy. Banker's Academy meets these needs.

Banker's Academy provides training for new tellers and other employees focusing on their specific job needs. Banker's Academy believes training employees gives them the confidence, knowledge and skills to perform the duties of their job and present themselves in a professional manner, while representing the visions and goals of the credit union on the job and in our community.

From helping us welcome new employees by providing them with a background of the credit union and familiarizing them with the job descriptions of fellow employees, which allows them to direct members to employees that are better able to service their needs to providing members with an understanding of products, services and how to conduct themselves with regard to confidentiality of member information, employee interaction and conduct in regard to emergencies and security risks.

Maureen Robeson
Penn East Federal Credit Union

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