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ArizkiEfendi Discussion started by ArizkiEfendi 2 years ago
Teknokrat - Lifestyle greatly influences one's financial condition, this is of course true. If you have a healthy and "normal" lifestyle, you will most likely also have a healthy financial condition. However, most people are not aware of this, and do not even have the right steps in managing finances properly, so that various problems arise in it. - When you are committed to changing financial conditions for the better than before, then you must try to be free of debt, be it debt in any form. This will help to be more flexible in managing all the money they have, including in allocating it to various posts that are considered important (for example investments).

Teknokrat - But if it turns out you already have a number of debts in the financial sector, then inevitably this must be addressed first. Although not all at once, you can pay off various debts in stages, so that these expenditure items will not interfere with other expenditure items in the financial sector. Broadly speaking, there are at least 2 steps that can be taken to be able to pay off debt immediately, that is.
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