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We take a client-centric approach to alliances. The partners that we add to our portfolio are chosen based upon specific criteria: product offerings, vision, positioning, and support. Our relationships with these vendors ensure that we have the knowledge and skills to select, structure, and implement their products. Our independence from partners ensures that we choose the right product for our clients’ needs.

Equipped with this detail, we are able to be truly objective – selecting the right products for our clients’ immediate and long-term needs, taking into consideration their functional requirements and integration needs, their locations, and their support requirements. Supplementing these products, we focus on providing best-practice consulting, design, and development services; delivering broader, integrated business solutions helps clients achieve a quick return on investment and a sustainable competitive advantage. While we have many formalized alliances in place with many leading vendors, our vendor-neutral approach also means that we will review and consider any and all products and services outside of this list if we believe that they may be more effective for our clients’ needs.

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